Friday, September 23, 2016

Head Back To Business Basics With STORE University

Have you been looking to brush up on business basics? Tune into STORE University, a series of online educational courses for business owners on the fundamentals of business wealth creation hosted by Chris Volk, CEO of STORE Capital.

STORE University, invites business owners interested in learning tactics to maximize opportunities and create wealth to join students nationwide in heading back to class this fall. STORE University’s online courses are designed to help business owners, executives and entrepreneurs evaluate and get the most out of their enterprises. Through short three-minute videos on topics like ‘How to Value a Business’ and ‘How to Calculate Return on Equity and Get Really Rich,’ STORE University offers a toolbox of core business concepts and strategies that can benefit ventures of any size and stage of business development.

The first lesson will guide you through understanding what your business is worth. View all five parts of lesson one now and stay tuned for the rollout of lesson two, “How to Calculate Return On Equity and Get Really Rich.” To enroll in STORE University and receive notifications, please visit