Wednesday, December 9, 2015

“Master Funding Solutions” Set STORE Apart

A lease is just a lease, but a Master Funding Solution is MONEY. Master Funding Solutions stem from our core belief that financing solutions should create opportunities for your company and not limit them. The following is an overview on ways that customized Master Funding Solutions cater to your business needs and can help make you richer.  

What is Growth Capital?

We can fund the cost of new builds and conversions. Our gradually funded lease products improve efficiency by providing up to 100% financing.

What are ways STORE Capital can assist with Merger & Acquisition?

We work with our customers well in advance of planned M&A activity and tailor solutions suited to corporate structure requirements or tax planning. Our advance planning can help to lower investment costs, make our customers more competitive in an M&A bid process and add value through enhanced corporate operational flexibility.

How can Re-Capitalization benefit your business?

We can help customers right-size their capital structures through smart recapitalization alternatives. Equally important: being at the closing table as our customers are consummating their acquisitions or recapitalizations in concert with other equity or borrowings.

 What are the benefits of Remodel Capital?

We are able to provide funds for property renovations on assets leased from us. This investment can unleash additional shareholder wealth for you, which would otherwise be funded with your own scarce and costly equity. We call this capturing opportunity value.

How can STORE help solve potential Tax issues?

Considering tax implications can serve to optimize your costs and maximize after-tax financing proceeds. Thoughtful tax structuring can also lower the cost of corporate acquisitions and allow you room to be more competitive in your acquisition strategies. Our approach is designed to work with you through the life of your business. When it comes to thoughtful capital structuring, no one has done more investing in profit-center real estate or has more expertise than the team at STORE.

 What are ways Substitution Rights can help your business?

We can address underperforming locations leased from us through substitution rights and other means. Our ability to address underperforming locations is similar to buying an insurance policy against your downside risk. We call this opportunity cost containment.

 What sets STORE Capital apart?

We strive to be the landlord of choice for our customers. Being customer-centric can create value for our customers that’s equal to the value of their entire business. We take a long-term view of our relationships with our customers. In turn, that long-term view translates to value for our customers.