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AZ|RE (Arizona Commercial Real Estate)

Berkshire Hathaway’s $377M investment in STORE Capital is a result of several years of due diligence and belief in the company’s management team, business model and long-term prospects.

Commercial Executive Magazine

Christopher Volk, CEO of STORE Capital and Mary Fedewa, EVP – Acquisitions discuss the success of STORE and how being customer-centric has contributed to the company’s growth.

Real Estate Forum

Christopher Volk, CEO of STORE Capital, not only has a natural talent to recognize future opportunities, but is passionate about contributing his knowledge to his company. It's no wonder Chris was recently voted "Most Bankable".

REIT Magazine

STORE Capital’s success was highlighted in this piece that discusses company strategies for mitigating risk through a diversified portfolio, STORE’s openness with investors, and the reliable team that has been together for years.