Personal & Professional Growth

Succession Planning

At STORE Capital, we believe it is important to identify future leaders and equip them with the tools for management roles within our company. STORE Capital’s board periodically reviews with the CEO the identity, skills and characteristics of those persons who could succeed to senior and executive management team positions.

STORE Learning Academy

Utilizing a convenient, online learning management system, STORE Capital employees can earn qualified certificates for enhanced professional development. STORE Capital employees may be selected to participate in our STORE Leadership Development program, an online development program developed in conjunction with MIT, Accenture and Skillsoft and includes content endorsed by the MIT Sloan Management Review. Likewise, all STORE employees can avail themselves of our comprehensive Business & Management online learning program.

STORE Professional Development

Our management team maintains a professional training and development program for STORE Capital employees. We encourage our employees to develop career goals and targets. We believe in fostering individual and group training opportunities and supporting our employees through mentorship, engagement and coaching. Professional development opportunities enhance and build the capacity, skills, and professionalism of employees, enabling them to contribute effectively and creatively to the company’s mission. STORE Capital full-time employees are encouraged to explore professional development opportunities and present them to their managers, including the details of how the continuing education will be mutually beneficial. These may be presented to managers for prior approval and are fully reimbursable.

Lunch & Learn

STORE Capital provides monthly Lunch and Learn topics covering both personal and professional learning such as wellness, personal safety, social media training, cooking, presentation skills, and improving work performance.

Employee Training & Compliance

STORE Capital’s employees receive training on our policies and procedures during their initial orientation process and receive regular updates thereafter. As part of STORE Capital’s compliance process, we require our personnel to annually review and agree to the terms of our policies and procedures.

Employee Reporting Procedure. STORE Capital is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. In keeping with this policy, we have a fully implemented reporting and investigation procedure that allows employees to raise incidents, should they arise, to their supervisor, the Chief Compliance Officer, or to the Chair of our Audit Committee. We have also implemented a “whistle-blower” policy and hotline that allows directors, officers, and employees to file reports on a confidential and anonymous basis regarding any impropriety.

Employee Health and Safety (EHS) Program. As part of STORE Capital’s ongoing commitment to ensure the wellbeing of its employees, we maintain a robust EHS Program designed to raise awareness on public and occupational health risks and, through training and informative material, provide our employees with the tools to improve their health and well-being. In 2020, as a result of our EHS initiatives, STORE Capital and our employees were able to quickly assess the risk presented by COVID-19 and transition our operation to a remote working environment. We will continue to monitor COVID-19 and the health of our employees to ensure their safety.

Internship Program

STORE Capital’s Internship Program will create beneficial relationships and growth opportunities for STORE Capital, its employees, and career-minded individuals interested in professional advancement. This program will enhance our ability to accomplish strategic goals, recruit talented people from diverse backgrounds, and build strong relationships. We believe that improving our communities by providing equal opportunity will allow us to deliver better solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. (Click here to download our Internship Program flyer.)

STORE Capital’s Internship Program provides growth and learning opportunities to individuals 18 years of age or older of all backgrounds. Interns will be involved in educational and training opportunities designed to provide professional experience in the furtherance of their education and training.

Internships assist in reaching educational and professional goals by providing an opportunity to complement academic and practical instruction with exposure to STORE Capital’s business. Internships are paid, and interns may be assigned to work with specific departments in our company with the possibility of receiving assignments in other areas of our business.

Following its successful inaugural event, STORE Capital hosted its second Virtual Externship in 2021, a professional development event for students interested in finance and real estate careers. STORE Capital’s Virtual Externship is an extension of the company’s Internship Program, which is open to all college students and recent graduates across all majors and backgrounds. The event sessions particularly emphasized the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives by encouraging the participation of students from underrepresented backgrounds. The Virtual Externship’s success is set to foster similar virtual events in the future. Click here for more information.

Our internships are open to motivated applicants who are interested in learning about business and who possess strong writing and critical thinking skills. Our company is based in Scottsdale and our employees come from all over and have very diverse academic backgrounds.If you have an interest in applying to STORE Capital for an internship, please send a resume, along with a note that describes you and your interest to