Friday, October 29, 2021

STORE Capital CEO Mary Fedewa Awarded Most Influential Women in Commercial Real Estate

STORE Capital President and CEO Mary Fedewa was acknowledged by AZ Big Media as an honoree of this year’s Most Influential Women in Arizona. Mary was officially recognized in the 2021 publications’ listsas one of the 2021 Most Influential Women in Arizona and was distinctly profiled in celebration of theprogram’s 10th anniversary. The recognition was part of AZ Big Media’s efforts to showcase all honoreesleading up to the Most Influential Women of 2021 dinner and reception.


The awards recognize women in real estate, business, nonprofits and other leadership or influential roles. In her spotlighted profile, Mary discussed the lessons she learned throughout the year, and elaborated on her biggest source of pride.


“One of the key takeaways from our experiences during the pandemic is the importance of developing a stronger sense of mental health awareness, stress management, emotional intelligence, and overall well-being. As a leader, I recognize the need to set an example and encourage my employees to prioritize their health and wellness so they can contribute positively to both their personal and professional lives.”


She continued, “Being part of the team that founded STORE Capital, laying the foundation for our business model, and building our team are the professional accomplishments I am most proud of.”


One of her greatest accomplishments during the pandemic was her ability to overcome adversity and maintain customer relationships, all with the help of a strong employee base and company culture. Moving forward, she is excited to continue the efforts to foster the next generation of leaders.


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