Who we are

Seasoned professionals working on your behalf

Our leadership team draws from decades of experience in single tenant real estate to customize innovative financing solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Company Profile

STORE Capital is one of the largest and fastest-growing net-lease REITs in the United States.  We deliver tailored financial solutions to customers in a wide variety of industries across the service, retail, and manufacturing sectors of the U.S. economy, with a focus on investing in profit-center real estate.  Our customers are leaders in their respective industries, and in the communities they serve, and our priority is to provide capital to help them grow their businesses through long-term, flexible net-lease financing solutions.  Our commitment to adding value and operational flexibility has allowed us to forge strong and enduring relationships with our customers who return to STORE time and again for additional growth capital. As they grow, we grow with them.

STORE manages a substantial and diverse portfolio of real estate operated by regional and national companies in vital, sustainable and growing industries. Our unique direct origination approach allows us to identify and acquire a large volume of granular transactions, while our disciplined underwriting process focuses on creating lease contracts that are beneficial to our company, our customers and our investors.

STORE has been following these core principles since our founding in 2011. Today, STORE is led by co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mary Fedewa and a team of highly dedicated industry professionals with a commitment to delivering value-creating real estate lease solutions and building long-lasting relationships with each customer.


Our core values that guide our lives and the organization

  • Integrity

    We conduct ourselves in an honest, respectful, and ethical way; we honor our word and act in a transparent, ethical manner.

  • Service

    We are committed to doing business that focuses on creating the best experience for the customer. Customer is the center of STORE's philosophy and operations.

  • Growth

    We believe in continuous learning and innovation. We invest in today's workforce to create the leaders of tomorrow through mentorship, paving a way to new opportunities and ideas. Growth of the company comes with the growth of the team.

  • Collaboration

    We listen and openly share ideas. We believe in the power of working together to drive superior processes that account for and value diverse perspectives.

  • Quality

    We believe in serving the greater good through careful and responsible management of roles and responsibilities entrusted to us. We seek to create long-term value by serving the needs of all stakeholders including customers, employees, and the public.

  • Empowerment

    We support our teams and trust them to accept responsibility, to take action and make informed decisions. We empower our employees to drive change and achieve results.