What We Do

Value Created Through Efficient CapitalizationTM

Master Funding Solutions

The Value of Working with S|T|O|R|E Capital

  • We are customer centric. We focus on providing you with financial solutions designed to raise shareholder value.
  • We are the source. STORE is a principal long-term investor; we are the buyer.
  • We believe in operational flexibility for the customer. We specialize in financial solutions designed to maximize your opportunities.
  • We deliver. STORE Capital is a cash buyer and can close financings to meet even the most aggressive timetables.
  • We provide operational simplicity. One landlord, one call for all your needs.
  • We provide knowledge and expertise. No one has provided more capital for single tenant operational real estate than the management team of STORE.

Leasing Benefits Analysis

Core Competencies


“We listen to and understand the needs of our customers.”


“We devote our financial and intellectual capital to the success of our customers.”


“We build enhanced operating flexibility into our customer documentation.”


“We attend to the ongoing creation of sustained customer value.”


“We tailor our treasury activities to deliver operational flexibility to our customers.”