Thursday, December 16, 2021

STORE Capital Introduces Women’s Networking Group with Inaugural Event

STORE Capital has introduced the STORE Capital Women’s Network, an internal networking group aimed to share knowledge and insights between employees and thought leaders. The group’s Co-Chairs hosted an inaugural in-person and virtual luncheon in honor of Cathy Long, former STORE Capital CFO. Cathy discussed her illustrious career, lessons learned and provided career advice for women looking for inspiration and encouragement in the workplace.


The mission of the STORE Capital Women’s Network is to provide opportunities for development, foster valuable connections, and facilitate success through personal and professional growth for the next generation of leaders through empowerment, mentorship and service. The inclusive group welcomes male supporters and embraces all perspectives that support the mission and goals set forth.


The STORE Capital Women’s Network is eager to host future events and plans to provide a safe space for judgement-free dialogue surrounding topics of gender norms and equality.