Tuesday, June 13, 2023


This June, STORE Capital hosted its 4th annual Virtual Externship, a professional development event for current and recent college students interested in careers in real estate and finance. The two-day event had 42 participants, from 22 different colleges, in addition to over 30 STORE Capital employees who participated as presenters and panelists.


Attendees participated in a variety of sessions including acquisitions, corporate culture, credit analysis, data analytics, marketing, portfolio management, underwriting, and more. Each session helped externs gain exposure to the real estate and finance sectors while offering a closer look into the different departments and their functions within STORE Capital.


Some of the most highly anticipated sessions of the event were the 4 panels which included topics on Investment Committee, Pathways to Leadership, Intern/Employee, and the Executive Leadership. The “Investment Committee” panel outlined the inner workings of the committee, what is considered when evaluating a deal, how to define and measure risk, and the perspective that each member brings to the committee.  The “Pathways to Leadership” panel featured STORE’s Vice Presidents. The externs listened as the VP’s shared their biggest joys and challenges as leaders. Externs also learned the value that diverse perspectives bring to a team environment, how to encourage honest and open employee dialogue, and how traits like empathy and vulnerability play a role in leadership decisions. The externs were able to relate to the next panel featuring Employees that were once STORE Interns. These employees described in detail their experience as an intern at STORE and what externs can expect from the transition to full time employee from full time student. Lastly, the externs were given the exclusive opportunity to hear from the STORE Executive Team during the “Executive Leadership” Panel. This session, led by STORE Co-Founder, President and CEO, Mary Fedewa, outlined the background of STORE and how it has grown to where it is today. Additionally, externs were able to ask the Executive Team individual questions about the lessons they have learned throughout their careers.

The Virtual Externship was designed to inspire and further the externs’ professional careers. STORE Capital aims to continue to educate and cultivate the next generation of leaders in Real Estate and Finance.