John Herrero

Managing Director Pacific Northwest Region

John provides unique business solutions to customers headquartered in the Pacific Northwest Region of the U.S. His previous experience includes analyzing credit strength, conducting value analyses, and monitoring news flow and macroeconomic fundamentals.


John joined STORE Capital’s Underwriting department in 2020, working with customers to evaluate potential investments. He transitioned into a Director of Acquisitions in 2022, and now serves as a Managing Director, where he looks forward to hearing customers’ stories, understanding their business models, and structuring mutually beneficial transactions.


Prior to STORE, John worked at Vanguard as a Fixed Income Trader for mutual funds. He has over 5 years of transactional experience working in investments. His diverse proficiency affords him a strong understanding of the industry from both an investment and operational perspective.

John graduated with a degree in Economics from Northern Arizona University and played collegiate football. He later received a Master of Science in Finance from Arizona State University. John is currently pursuing the CFA designation.