Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Master Lease Q&A With Michael Bennett, Executive Vice President – General Counsel

A master lease comes into play when STORE Capital purchases multiple properties from the same customer. Sit down with Michael Bennett, executive vice president – general counsel, as he shares more insights on the most frequently asked questions about master leases. In this video Michael will address the following questions:

  1. Why would a customer agree to bundle properties into one lease rather than have each property covered by its own lease?
  2. Besides transforming individual property risks into aggregate portfolio risk in a master lease, what else does a master lease do for you?
  3. Other than substitution and access to improvement financing, what benefits does a master lease give you?
  4. Does a master lease inhibit your ability to sell your business?
  5. What if you have structural, lender or regulatory issues that seem to prevent you from entering into a master lease?
  6. How does STORE benefit from a master lease?
  7. Is there any downside to a master lease?